Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump Budget Impacts on 36th District

Earlier this week, President Trump announced his budget. 

Aside from the massive layoffs in federal workforce and actual workers actually to lose their jobs with the federal government who live in the 36th District, there are other programs which provide grants or funding to other local programs in the 36th District. 

These are just some of the programs eliminated which have touched the 36th District that I have been able to determine so far:
  • Eliminates the New Starts Program - Entire U.S. 1 Multimodal Transit Study and EMBARK plan is designed around obtaining $1.5 billion in funding from this program to construct bus rapid transit and Yellow Line Extension on U.S. 1.
  • National Wildlife Refuge Fund - 36th District has three National Wildlife Refuges
  • National Infrastructure Investments (TIGER) - TIGER grants funding completion of the Fairfax County Parkway in southern Fairfax County and construction of the I-95 HOT Lanes
  • EPA Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Fund - Self Evident
  • NASA Office of Education - has provided scholarship and summer learning opportunities for 36th District students
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting - PBS/NPR/WETA broadcast into 36th District
  • Legal Services Corporation - Funds civil legal services for low income populations throughout the U.S. 1 Corridor
  • National Endowment for the Arts - funds Virginia Commission for the Arts and has funded grants in the 36th District
  • National Endowment for the Humanities - has funded grants in the 36th District - including for example effort to result in comprehensive edition of George Washington's papers
  • NeighborWorks America - Invested $191 Million in Virginia including first time homebuyers grants, foreclosure prevention counseling, and affordable housing assistance
  • Community Services Block Grant - Funds human services in Fairfax, Prince William and Fairfax Counties
There are dozens of other impacts as well that I have not assessed, but these cuts would cost the 36th District millions of dollars of aid, services, and jobs.  If you know of any others, post them up in the comments.