Sunday, December 13, 2009

Goodwill Store Opening On U.S. 1

Yesterday, I attended my first ribbon cutting with the opening of the new Goodwill store on U.S. 1 just north of Pinto Contractors and near Elsie's Magic Skillet with U.S. Congressman Gerry Connolly.

The store is the location of the old Barnes Furniture and has been vacant for about 2 years now. It is always good to see a new business open on U.S. 1.
Demand at stores like Goodwill is way up given the current economy. The Washington Post ran a story shortly before Thanksgiving focusing on booming demand. With retail rent down and demand up, Goodwill is opening 12 new stores to take advantage of the increased demand.

There was a line of 30 people waiting to get in when they opened the door and friends have told me that they have been doing a brisk business since opening earlier in the week.
Ms. District of Columbia stopped by to sing Christmas Carols and I got to meet the charity's leadership and some of the new employees who posed with us below.

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