Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good Shepherd Housing Helps Mt. Vernon's Needy

About two weeks ago, I went to the annual gala for Good Shepherd Housing - one of U.S. 1's great charities.

Good Shepherd Housing was created in 1974 to help with housing problems on U.S. 1. They help people with income and credit problems get back on their feet by putting them transitional housing. This allows people to get their finances in order, credit restored, and gives them a foundation to move on in life - it's kind of like helping them hit a reset button to get people out of downward financial spirals.

The annual banquest was attended by over 300 people and raised over $200,000. It was really incredible. This video below describes what Good Shepherd does. We're lucky to have charities like these in our community (click here if the video does not fit on your screen).

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  1. We're also lucky to have a Mount Vernon Delegate who demonstrates his commitment to stabilizing low-income working families in our community. Thanks, Scott!

    For more information about Good Shepherd Housing, please visit our website and blog (

    Cheryl Ellsworth
    President, GSH Board of Directors