Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mt. Vernon's Quander Family

If you are from Mount Vernon, you know the name Quander. That's because the Quanders trace their names back 300 years in our community.

Today's Washington Post and Talk of the Nation on NPR feature articles regarding today's reunion of the Quander Family whose roots trace right to the middle of my district. This weekend, they are having their 85th Reunion in my district at Quander Road School and the Mount Vernon Estate.

The name Quander is derived from Amkwando of the Fante people in Ghana. The family originates from some of George Washington's freed slaves at Mount Vernon. After being freed, the family settled on land including and surrounding West Potomac High School, Quander Road School, and Quander Creek along Quander Road. The Quander Road school
During my campaign, I ran into Quanders all around the school including 84 year-old John Quander who I talked to for about 30 minutes who told me about hand digging the water well on his property that he still uses today.

Nellie Quander was a lead incorporator and president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Vincent and Leo Brooks were generals, fire chiefs, and judges. I even have a law school classmate who married a Quander.

The family is a fundamental building block of our local Mount Vernon.

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