Thursday, September 9, 2010

VDOT to Reconsider Montebello Signalization

Last June, several constituents in Montebello contacted me with concerns about the reconfiguration of signalization of the stop light at Mount Eagle Drive and U.S. 1 after the Holiday Inn Express was opened. The location is below:

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The new configuration requires a wait before someone can turn onto Mount Eagle Drive and has substantially increased the time it takes to access the property and traffic given that over 1,000 people live there.

Several people in the Montebello community, my office, and Supervisor Gerry Hyland's office contacted VDOT who has now decided to reconsider their decision and further study the intersection to ascertain whether the old configuration presents a danger to motorists. VDOT's letter is below.

9-10 VDOT Letter Re: US 1-Montebello Intersection

I am glad they are open to considering changing their position given the community's position. If anyone in Montebello has any comments they should send them to VDOT during the study period at:

Northern Virginia District Office
14685 Avion Parkway
Chantilly, VA 20151-1104

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