Monday, December 6, 2010

NVTA Highlights Transportation Funding Challenges

Last week, the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance gave a briefing on the challenges facing Virginia's current transportation system. Their briefing is below.

Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance Presentation Regarding Challenges for Financing Virginia's Transp...

My law partner, Senator Chap Petersen, summarized it with some stats on his blog a few days ago.

The bottom line is that our transportation system is suffering from two decades of neglect. Significant revenues intended for construction are being siphoned off for maintenance and our federal highway matching funds will be endangered in the near future. Our current Six-Year Improvement Plan budget is actually less than (-$2.8B) our 2001 Six-Year Improvement Plan budget.

It's a depressing briefing. The position we are in today, is effectively like being asked to save for your child's college education in about 2 years instead of over the child's 18 year-lifetime leading up to college.

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