Monday, April 4, 2011

44th District Redistricting Update

The House Privileges & Elections Committee has adopted a substitute bill which slightly changes the boundaries of the 44th District from what was originally proposed.

The primary change is that most of Bellehaven Precinct was moved in the the 44th District and Belleview Precinct was moved back into Delegate David Englin's District were it presently exists. Huntley Meadows Park was also moved back into Delegate Sickles' District and more of Fort Belvoir was moved into the 44th District.

In the map below, Blue is the old 44th District, Red is the new 44th District, and Pink is where they both overlap.

You can view the new lines as compared with the old lines below. You can also view the official maps here:

Division of Legislative Services Redistricting Map

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View 44th District 2011 Redistricting in a larger map

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