Thursday, December 8, 2011

2012 Mt. Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

I had a great night tonight at the Mt. Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce's annual awards dinner.  The award winners pictured at the right were the following:
  • Large Business of the Year - Cox Communications
  • Mid-Sized Business of the Year - Mt. Vernon Athletic Club
  • Small Business of the Year - Commercial Lynks, Inc.
  • New Business of the Year - Walker's Grill
  • Citzen of the Year - Tom Harvey, Hollin Hall Automotive, Inc.
In my comments, I said that sometimes in Mt. Vernon it feels like Mayberry because we're such a tight community.  Cox funds my Young Leaders Program, I played tennis daily at Mt. Vernon Athletic Club when I was in high school, I sat next to the owner of Walker's Grill at dinner the other night, and Hollin Hall Automotive is simply legendary. 

They are all part of why we live in such a great community.  My commending resolution for Hollin Hall Automotive is below. 
Hollin Hall Auto 50th Anniversary Commending Resolution

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