Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Telegraph Road Interchange Construction Update

A constituent recently asked me why there was very little work occuring on the approach to Telegraph Road and why the lanes had not opened yet.

I emailed VDOT and they gave me their answer below, plus a brief outline of the timeframe for completing the work on the interchange. 

Many of my constituents (including yours truly) use that intersection every day so I thought it might be worth posting for general consumption.
The critical path of the project is on the Telegraph Road portion of the project, which is where the majority of the work is taking place at this time. 
The Beltway work still needs final surface paving, which will begin in June on the inner loop and move to the outer loop in July/August. Before they begin the paving they are finishing up with the approach slab work on the bridges and final barrier work.  
By late August, all work on the Beltway will be complete with traffic on both the local and express lanes from Eisenhower Ave interchange to the Telegraph Road interchange with traffic in its ultimate location on the beltway. 
Relief is on the way. . . .

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