Monday, February 25, 2013

Veto the Hybrid Tax

Transportation dominated the debate this session.

Governor McDonnell's original bill (HB2313) contained a $100 annual fee for all hybrid vehicles.  That fee was rejected by both the House and Senate versions of the legislation passed.  However, when compromise legislation was reported, the $100 hybrid tax reappeared.

This is bad policy.                      
  • The Hybrid Tax punishes saving energy. Virginia needs to create incentives to encourage energy conservation so America can be energy independent.  Most states are giving tax credits for hybrid purchases, not punishing owners. 
  • The Hybrid Tax is a punitive tax.  The typical hybrid vehicle saves less than $35 per year in gas taxes - a $100 annual fee has no relationship to anything.
  • The Hybrid Tax is unfair.  There are many non-hybrid vehicles that get better MPG than hybrids.  They don't pay the tax.  This indiscriminately picks on one technology.
  • Hybrid owners already pay their fair share.  Hybrids already cost 10% more than other cars and there is no personal property tax phaseout for vehicles worth more than $20,000.                            
  • The Hybrid Tax will barely generate revenue.  There are only 92,000 hybrids in Virginia - 1.3% of the entire vehicle fleet.               
  • The Hybrid Tax picks on Northern Virginia.  83% of Virginia clean fuel plates are registered in Northern Virginia.  This is one more example of Northern Virginia being used as a statewide piggy bank.                         
State Senator Adam Ebbin and I have set up a petition to Governor McDonnell.  PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK:

Will you sign? 

We need to send Governor McDonnell a message that this is bad policy and he should line-item veto the $100 Hybrid Tax from HB2313.  All signatures will be delivered to Governor McDonnell.
Delegate Scott Surovell
Senator Adam Ebbin

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