Friday, July 25, 2014

Newly Released - Mount Vernon History Revisited!

Waynewood resident Michael Bohn and former Patch Reporter Jessie Biele have come out with a new book that focuses on local history called, Mount Vernon - Revisited.

I picked up a copy a few weeks ago at the Village Hardware.  It's a good primer into the early 44th District and provides some perspective as to how we got to where we are today in the 44th District.

Over the past two decades, Mike has written several series in the Mount Vernon Gazette focused on the Mount Vernon Trolley, old prominent homes in the Mt. Vernon area, and old Mount Vernon schools.  I published a series of them on this blog:

My favorite pictures are the old shots of U.S. 1 before it was four-laned and straightened out in the 1930's.

It's a quick must read for anyone whose zip code is between 22306 and 22309!

The text of the press release from the publisher is below the fold.

Revisit the History of the Mount Vernon CommunityLocal authors Jessie Biele and Michael K. Bohn share vintage images
 Mount Vernon Revisited, by Jessie Biele and Michael Bohn is part of Arcadia Publishing’s “Images of America” series of local history books. Through 215 photographs, paintings, and maps, the book surveys the 340-year arc of history of the Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County, Va., a locale that is as interesting and varied as any in the country.  
The book highlights the evolution of the Mount Vernon Estate and nearby landmarks, and describes other periods, milestones, and societal developments. Included are the economic rejuvenation of the area by a group of Quaker families in the mid-1800s; the Civil War; the coming of the trolley, and later the Mount Vernon Parkway; Fort Hunt; two World Wars; and finally, the suburban explosion of the 1950s and 1960s. Neighborhoods and sites along the Potomac River are laden with history, including landmarks such Woodlawn Plantation, Gum Springs, Pohick Church, Fort Belvoir and Gunston Hall. Mount Vernon Revisited captures all of these landmarks and events in an effort to preserve the area’s history for generations to come.
Miss Biele is a journalist as well as a marketing and communications professional. She is the former editor of Mount Vernon Patch, a local news website that covered the Mount Vernon community. Ms. Biele’s work has appeared in VivaTysons magazine, RunWashington Magazine, and AmStat, the American Statistical Association’s journal. 
Mr. Bohn writes for McClatchy Newspapers, which range from the Miami Herald to the Anchorage Daily News; McClatchy-Tribune News Service, an international wire service; the Washington Post magazine; and the Connection Newspapers. This is his sixth nonfiction book since 2003. 
Available at Mount Vernon area bookstores and retailers, online retailers, or through Arcadia Publishing at 888-313-2665 or

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