Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Voter ID Disenfranchises

Tonight, I received the following email from a former 44th District constituent.

Tonight at Paul Springs a women was turned away because her Virginia drivers license was expired.  I approached the poll worker who told me the law is the license can't be more than 12 months expired. The poll worker pointed out a sheet with the rules in Virginia. I was furious, I asked if the women could be given a provisional ballot and the poll worker said not in a primary. She apologized and said she wished things were different . I just wonder how many other people were turned away today.

Voter identification rules disenfranchise voters.  If one person was turned away at every precinct in Virginia, it would negate over 5,000 votes. 

1 comment:

  1. Who on this planet of the gods could have missed the constant barrage of "bring appropriate ID" ads for months prior to the last couple of elections?

    I have absolutely no sympathy.

    Beyond that, however, I hope she gets PROPER ID and votes to unseat every legislator who doesn't understand that once you get a passport/driver license/whatever, you don't matamorphosize into something else when the card expires.