Friday, September 23, 2016

Early Voting Has Started - Avoid the Lines!

Virtually all voters in Virginia are eligible to vote by mail or vote early in person with a legal reason. 

In 2008, 1 in 5 Fairfax County voters cast their vote before Election Day.

Sign Up Online
You can now apply to vote by mail by using an online form on my website.  It takes only 3 minutes to apply:

In Person Early Voting
Every locality in the 36th District has early in-person voting.  You can find information regarding early voting in person in your County here:

Reasons To Vote Early
In order to vote early, you must have a legal reason.  If you have any difficulty regarding a reason to vote early, please contact our office and we will walk you through the process and help you assess your eligibility - or 571.249.4484. 

Most people have legal reasons, but do not realize it.  The most common reasons are:
  • Work outside the County where you live;
  • Away on travel;
  • Outside your county for any reason on Election Day for any period of time;
  • Attending college;
  • Disabled (including cannot stand in line);
  • Active duty military or spouse of active duty.
Please note these important dates:
  • October 17th - Final Day to Register to Vote or Update your Voter Address
  • November 1st - Deadline to Apply to Vote-By-Mail
  • November 5th - Final Day to Vote Early In-Person
  • November 8th - Deadline to Return Vote-By-Mail Ballots

   For additional information, please contact my office at 571.249.4484.

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