Wednesday, February 21, 2018

BYOB at Swimming Pool Legal After July 1, 2018

This week, we passed a bill that legalized activity that most of my constituents probably thought was legal.

Before homeowners' associations came into existence in the 1980's, neighbors banded together to form associations to purchase property to build recreational amenities such as pools and tennis courts.  We have many in the 36th District including the Little Hunting Park Club, Inc., Hollin Hills Pool, Hollin Meadows Swim and Tennis Club, Riverside Gardens Swim and Tennis Club, Hayfield Farm Swim Club, Mansion House Club, Inc., Virginia Hills Swim Club, and the Mount Vernon Park Association.

As a side note, one of these pools was the defendant in litigation that resulted in the desegregation of pools.  I wrote about it here:

I have been a member of the Mount Vernon Park Association since I was four-years old in 1975.  As an adult, we've often used their picnic facilities to cook out and drink a bottle of wine.  I was surprised when this year, I found out that was illegal!

Apparently, Virginia Law currently requires a private facility to obtain a banquet license every time someone wants to consume alcohol on their premises.  Delegate Rip Sullivan came to the rescue with HB 1520 which codifies an exception for personal consumption of alcoholic beverages at swim clubs.

The bill actually got a little bit of heat in committee and on the floor so I had to stand up and defend it.  You can watch the floor debate above.

I am proud that my constituents can now continue to drink alcohol at their swim clubs (subject to club rules) without fear of prosecution!


  1. My swim club (Tuckahoe) has the same summer tradition of picnics & BYOB. Thanks for protecting it in the Senate! We'll tip a Solo cup to you this summer in your honor, Scott.

  2. This is nit picky, but wouldn't memorial day (when all the pools open) been a better start date?

    1. That would require an emergency clause and an 80% vote to pass.