Thursday, April 12, 2018

Neabsco Creek Possible Shutdown

Neabsco Creek & Leesylvania State Park
Last month, the United States Coast Guard refused to place navigational buoys in Neabsco Creek after they determined that the creek had silted in to the point that it is not safe.  They went on to put up "Danger Shoaling" signs at the entrance to the creek.  The marinas served by the creek dispute those measurements and believe that the creek is still to navigate.

This will cause numerous problems:
  • There are three marinas with 50 jobs that could be threatened - E.Z. Cruz Marina, Hamptons Landing Marina, and Pilot House Marina.
  • There are 1,000 boats in slips in the three marinas served by the creek.
  • The Prince William County Fire/Police response boat is housed there on a lift.  Moving the boat will cost taxpayers $120,000 for new docking facilities and if no lift is available, it will cost $18,000 per year in bottom paint and a reduction of 4 knots per hour in response time.
  • Lost access to the only 24 hour gas dock in Prince William County
  • Lost access to the boat sewage pumping out facility
  • Lost tax revenues
  • Put massive pressure on Leesylvania State Park which is already overwhelmed with users.
The Army Corps of Engineers last dredged the creek in 1998 but has not conducted further dredging due to budget limitations.  This is also a statewide problem all over the tidal Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Supervisor Frank Principi is working hard to solve this problem and I am also working with Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy, Congressman Gerry Connolly and U.S. Senator Tim Kaine's Office to get this addressed.

We are trying to find money in the state budget for dredging, asking the Coast Guard to resurvey the creek, exploring the Virginia Marine Resources Council's local navigation program, finding other members from Commonwealth to lobby the federal government.  

Here is a video put together by What's Up Woodbridge describing the problem along with two news stories about the situation.

Supervisor Principi's Video
WUSA Channel 9 Peggy Fox News Video
NBC 4 Julie Carey News Video

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