Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Route 1 Corridor Improvements Need NVTA Support

During the recent General Assembly session, both the House of Delegates and the Senate agreed to proposals that would fully fund Metro. Unfortunately, the House refused to include revenue increases so their version of the funding agreement takes money out of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA). This could have dire consequences for the 36th District. Route 1 corridor improvement and transit expansion projects are counting on funding from NVTA.

NVTA is holding two public meetings to seek input on 60 projects for the FY18-FY23 spending plan. Fairfax County's top two requests are funding for Richmond Highway Widening from Costco to Fort Belvoir and Bus Rapid Transit from Huntington to Fort Belvoir. NVTA needs to hear from the public about what projects are important to our region. These two corridor improvements will bring millions of dollars of economic development and will dramatically improve quality of life in the 36th District. The new development will also bring updated storm water infrastructure and other environmental benefits to our community.

I encourage you to come out and speak at one of the public meetings in the coming weeks:

7 p.m., Wednesday May 9
Mt. Vernon Government Center
2511 Parkers Lane, Alexandria

5:30 p.m. Open House and 7 p.m. Public Hearing, Thursday May 10
NVTA Offices
3040 Williams Avenue, Ste 200, Fairfax

7 p.m., Thursday May 17
Fairfax County Government Center, Rooms 9 and 10
12000 Government Center Pkwy, Fairfax

If you cannot attend one of the meetings, you may also make a public comment by emailing them to or submitting them online by CLICKING HERE.


  1. Richmond is required to improve the economic standing of this originally desirable suburb become disadvantaged to uplift it's disadvantaged population.

  2. The Route 1 corridor is in desperate need of improvement. It has become so congested that even emergency vehicles are sometimes hindered from movement. Public transportation has not kept up with demand and many neighborhoods go unserved. With many new and expanded services at Ft. Belvoir, the problem has compounded. Route 1 NEEDS and DESERVES funding. It's time to stop ignoring this area in favor of more affluent areas of the county.

  3. Route 1 has become clogged and impassable at nearly all hours of day time driving. Dense housing developments have sprung up increasing traffic and creating demand for more commercial services to serve them. Unless a rapid transit system is put in place, no one working or living along the corridor will be able to commute with any reasonable assurance that endless wait and frustration won't be their fate. Base realignment and other businesses have put greater pressure on the area without offering solutions. WE NEED FUNDIND!!

  4. Please give the Route 1 corridor its fair share of the Northern Virginia transportation funding. Inequality breeds many things which are not good for our state and county.