Monday, February 15, 2010

Crossover Approaches

Tommorrow is "Crossover" - the day when the House and Senate must complete all work on their own legislation and it is transmitted to the other chamber.

We have a ton of bills up today for Second Reading - or in layman's terms, debate. You can see the docket if you click here. Lots of bills about guns, concealed weapon permits, and hunting.

I also have one on my bills on the floor for debate. HB 831 requires the Commonwealth and all localities to confirm that an out-of-state corporation has properly qualified to do business in Virginia before they can bid on a public contract. While practicing law, I have found that most companies do not qualify to transact business when they should. I had one case involving a company that had been doing business with a locality for 10 years that hurt 13 people. It cost my client $1,500 to serve them with a lawsuit instead of $12 to the Sheriff because they had not qualified. My bill will level the playing field for Virginia companies and bring more revenue for taxpayers. I am hopeful that it will pass.

If you have any comments on any legislation, please use the tool on my website here.

After Crossover, the Budget will begin to take center stage. Things are going to get interesting once the budget cuts are announced. I expect the rest of the Commonwealth will start having to confront the same kinds of school cuts we have been discussing in Fairfax County for the last three month, and services for our most needy are probably going to take a body blow. I am gearing up for the fight.

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