Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why We Live in Mt. Vernon: Hollin Hall Automotive

I recently came across a story which made me remember why people live in the Mount Vernon community.

My neighborhood, Tauxemont, was one of the first modern subdivisions built in Fairfax County. Because there were nothing but farms around when it was built, it also has its own water system and we avoided our system being bought out when the Fairfax County water system was created in the 1950's.

Membership does have its privileges. When Hurricane Isabelle hit, we lost electricity for five days and along with it - water. We purchased a generator. Right before Snowmageddon hit, we needed a battery. Here's the story from one of my neighbors.

Many thanks from the Tauxemont Water Committee to the Hollin Hall Automotive Chevron Service Station and specifically owner Tom Harvey for their generous contribution of an industrial quality battery for the community’s emergency diesel well electric generator.

This neighborly gesture came about when the water committee decided to replace the old diesel generator battery with a new one in anticipation of the coming snow blizzard. Upon discovering that we were representing the Tauxemont Community, Tom tore up the invoice with the statement that Tauxemont residents had been strong and loyal customers to his families’ business for 50 years and that the battery was a small repayment for that community loyalty.

And finally we know that shortly after the new battery was installed the diesel generator helped supply the community water during the power outage. The water committee salutes Tom Harvey and the employees of the Hollin Hall Station for its good neighbor generosity.
The Hollin Hall gas station has been owned by the same family since I was born. It is a community institution.

Mount Vernon is full of local businesses like this. It is something that really makes our community different from other parts of Fairfax County and makes Mount Vernon a great place to live.

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