Thursday, July 8, 2010

Liquor Production is Back in Fairfax

Last week, the Mount Vernon Estate sampled its first line of its new whiskey manufactured at its Dogue Creek Distillery here in the 44th District.

The whiskey is based upon George Washington's original recipe. Bottles went for $85 and all 471 sold out their first day on the market. You can listen to WTOP's story here.
The Bowman Company formerly distilled Virginia Gentleman Bourbon Whiskey in Sunset Hills, VA which is today known as Reston. In the 1960's, they moved their operations to Spotsylvania, VA.
The Gristmill and Distillery are part of the Mount Vernon Estate, but physically separated from the property. You can read an interesting description of the operation here.

Thank you to Mount Vernon's Senator Toddy Puller who introduced and shephered legislation through the General Assembly to make this possible.

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