Monday, January 17, 2011

To Renew or Not to Renew - That is the Question?

Two years ago, I got the call I'd been waiting for since I turned 18 - I was off the waiting list for the Redskins. Of course, the team had become something very different from the team I had known as a kid.

Two years ago, I deferred. Then last year the call came again - time to post up and buy your tickets or you're off the list. I finally decided to bite.

I was able to go to about half the home games and had some great memories - getting blown out by Michael Vick in the rain, lots of interceptions and botched plays, losing to Dallas, a quarterback controversy, an overpaid lazy multi-millionaire laying on the field and refusing to get up because he was tired or something.

I did get to take my girls to a couple games and they enjoyed doing something different

Last week, I got the letter - post up $1,343 for 2 tickets for next year, a parking pass, and a shipping fee.

I also share some Nats' seasons tickets with a group, but I have a little more patience for the Nats, and their owner doesn't drive me crazy so I can sleep at night with those. Plus, baseball on TV isn't like the real thing. Neither is football, but my living room isn't a bad place to suffer. Posting up $1,343 for the Skins has me realy second guessing myself.

Should I renew or not renew?


  1. Could you use that $1343 to support other local teams? Like going to all the home games for all the GMU teams?

  2. Scott, mark my word: drive a little farther north on I-95 and go see the Ravens. The product on the field is better, the fan experience is better and the owner doesn't have his hand on your wallet from the time you leave and come back to your car.

  3. OK, so I'm a geezer.

    What I was trying to say was that the tickets cost no more than car insurance and keep you in touch with your jocks and jockettes.

    But the "Comment as" step filters out those who don't know what the hell that pulldown list means. Must I be a media geek or have Google memorize my input to participate? Is there a "non-aligned" option? What if I don't belong to any of those tribes?

    To convey the point, I'll reply as every one of them (all of them are meaningless to me) until one works.

    But why do I have to know what a "TypePad" is to respond to your post? Try responding to yourself. Does it work?

  4. I have a Google account so it works for me. I agree that the comment system on this blog is not ideal. I set this thing up as a blogspot blog and I don't think I can change it.

    I've always felt that attending Redskins games keep you grounded. The crowds are very different from Nat's games (downtown). The remind me a lot of the Orioles games I used to go to at Memorial Stadium.

    I'll probably keep the tickets because above all things I'm loyal.

  5. Dang, you're quick.

    But if I find you've bought your own island in the Caribbean chain, you're toast, my friend, toast.