Monday, January 31, 2011

Young Leaders in Richmond Today

Today, six students from the 44th District came to Richmond for my Young Leaders Program.

The Young Leaders Program was started by my predecessor Del. Kris Amundson to introduce Mount Vernon's students interested in government and public policy to Richmond and state government.

The group consists of four students from West Potomac High School and two students from Mount Vernon High School. They are meeting with state policymakers, touring the Capitol and the Executive Mansion, observing a floor session, and watching me present legislation in committee.

This morning, they attended a fascinating meeting of the Privileges & Elections Committee, Constitutional Subcommittee. The Subcommittee docket is here.

It was an interesting coincidence, but all three delegates that represent West Potomac High School actually had bills in that subcommittee this morning. The young leaders were able to observe debate on five separate amendments to allow felons to vote, an amendment to constitutionalize our debt limit, Del. David Englin's three amendments to repeal the state's gay marriage ban, Del. Mark Sickles bill to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, create a "lockbox" for the Virginia Retirement System, allow for our Reconvened Session or "Veto Session" to be adjusted for religious holidays, and my amendment to allow localities to repeal state law. Most of our committees are not that exciting - they picked a good day to come.

Here is my introduction of our Young Leaders on the floor today.

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