Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Six Year VDOT Plan Skips Route 1

In Virginia, the projects to be constructed are decided by the Commonwealth Transportation Board or the CTB. The CTB includes one member from each of Virginia's 10 transportation districts, plus four at-large members and a few others. The construction schedule is contained in something called the Six Year Improvement Program or the SYIP.

Over the last few years, the CTB has been taking projects off the SYIP because of declining revenues. However, this past session, the legislator approved $3.4 billion in new spending by accelerating planned bond sales. The CTB is now advertising a new proposed SYIP.

You can view a presentation on the new plan here or search for projects in the SYIP by clicking here. You can search by zip code or road.

Tonight, I gave public testimony which you can watch my comments or read (what I meant to say) by clicking below:

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  1. Scott,

    Great comments at the meeting. We definitely need attention to Route 1 and the lack of regard for this part of the county is ridiculous! Is it just me or does there seem to be an undercurrent of disdain for "South County" coming from other parts of the county?