Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sales Tax Holiday #1: Emergency Preparedness

Yesterday marked the start of a week long sales tax (5%) holiday on emergency preparedness equipment. As we watch parts of the Commonwealth and the nation recover from severe weather, we should make sure we're ready to cope with hurricane season and other natural disasters.

Until next Tuesday May 31, many emergency preparedness items, including flashlights, first aid kits and bottled water are exempt from Virginia Sales Tax. The list can be found on the Department of Taxation website.

List of Tax Exempt Emergency Preparedness Products

This weekend is the time to buy batteries, bottled water, flash lights, portable generators, cell phone chargers, bungee cords, and tarpaulins.

There are two other scheduled sales tax holidays this year- for school supplies(in August) and for energy and water efficient products(in October). I'll be sure to mention them as they approach.

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