Sunday, January 19, 2014

Preliminary 2014 Constituent Survey Results!

Nearly 200 responses are in electronically with about 500 about to drop in from the mail.  Here are some of the preliminary results.  Click on the button below for your voice to be heard!

The 22308 and 22309 zip codes dominates the responses so far as usual:
  • 32% live in 22309 (Mt. Vernon/Woodlawn/Janna Lee)
  • 30% live in 22308 (Fort Hunt)
  • 20% live in 22306 (Sherwood/Hybla Valley)
  • 9% live in 22307 (Bellehaven/Hollin Hills)
  • 2% in 22315 (Hayfield)
  • 16% lives in other zip codes (22315, 22303, 22060, 22042)
Here's some results from prior surveys:
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Top priorities for this session so far:
  • 42% Transportation
  • 38% Education
  • 37% Improving the Economy/Jobs
  • 36% Improving Access to Healthcare for Virginians
  • 28% Balancing the State Budget
  • 25% Protecting Women's Reproductive Rights
  • 20% Protecting the Environment
  • 17% Ethics Reform
  • 13% Voting Rights
  • 13% Other
  • 13% Immigration
  • 12% Increasing use of Renewable Energy
  • 9% Affordable Housing
  • 8% Crime
I found this to be an interesting result given that everyone (except me) has been saying that the legislation last year was a "fix" for this problem.

Top choice for improving transit on U.S. 1:
  • 80% Support a Yellow Line Extension
  • 32% Support Light Rail in the Median
  • 27% Support Dedicated Bus Lanes
  • 9% Support "Other"
  • 4% Support None of the Above
Top ways to improve gun safety:
  • 88% Background Checks for All Purchases
  • 78% Close the Gun Show Loophole
  • 71% Allow Localities to Ban Guns on Public Property
  • 66% Limit the Size of Ammunition Clips
  • 60% Restore One Gun a Month
  • 10% None of the Above
Some other responses:
  • 71% Support Giving Localities Authority to Limit Car Title Lending
  • 65% Support Medicaid Expansion
  • 67% Support Repeal of the Marshall-Newman Amendment Banning Gay Marriage
  • 87% Support Non-Discrimination in State & Local Government On Sexual Orientation
  • 75% Support Non-Discrimination in Private Business On Sexual Orientation
  • 0 People Support Law Requiring Women to Report Miscarriages to Police
  • 3% Support Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds
  • 24% of 44th District Residents Support Personhood Legislation
Keep the feedback coming! 


  1. Fortunately, all the "solutions" to improve gun safety (which are not solutions at all) have already been shot down.

    Background checks aren't background checks. The Federal Form 4473 requires annotation of the manufacturer, model, and serial number of the firearm; it's a registration. IF it only verified a person is not a prohibited person, I'd consider supporting it.

    There is no "gun show loophole". One can do nothing at a gun show one cannot legally do on the sidewalk in front of one's Delegate's home, in the parking lot at WalMart, or in one's living room.

    Virginia citizens should not have to pull out a reference manual to travel from Fairfax County to Loudon County to Prince William County or, worse, from Fairfax to Arlington to Alexandria. Allowing localities to set their little fiefdom laws does not ensure a bit of safety; it enables petty bureaucracy.

    Size of *magazines* (not clips) and one-gun-a-month are red herrings. Localities with those restrictions post no safer, and in most cases less safe, statistics.

  2. The 44th District deserves a higher standard of honesty and transparency in publication of survey results. I responded to the survey, and am confident that my results were tallied. However, the results as posted above are not easily traceable from the survey questions. Reporting of results has been skewed to support Mr. Surovell's agenda. I believe a more meaningful publication of results would be for the original questions, as worded, and percentage of responses to be depicted rather than the spin placed on the representation above.