Saturday, February 1, 2014

44th District Real Estate Data By Zip Code

The Washington Post has put up recent real estate data by zip code.  I thought it was interesting to see what's going on in the 44th District.

Unfortunately, the way the data is posted, it is very hard to compare it against the rest of the area or even Fairfax County.

Either way, here it is:
Zip Sales MSP  PperSF  MDOM AvgSPtoOLP
22308 222  $614,250  $374 20 97.20%
22307 234  $470,000  $345 18 96.90%
22315 512  $434,700  $285 12 98.30%
22306 298  $387,000  $275 16 97.30%
22309 422  $360,000  $240 16 97.10%

Sales: Number of homes sold
MSP: Median sale price
PperSF: Price per square foot
MDOM: Median days on market (a measure of how long a home was on the market before it went under contract.)
AvgSPtoOLP: Average sale price to original list price
(a measure of how much a home sold above or below its original price)

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