Sunday, January 18, 2015

Announcing Scott Surovell for State Senate!

In June of 2009, I announced my run for the Virginia House of Delegates and declared my intention to fight for the people of Southeastern Fairfax County's where I have lived my entire life.

Since that time, we have achieved much together:
  • I have brought back over $300 million in new funding for Fairfax, Prince William and Stafford County's public schools since 2009.
  • Worked with Senator Toddy Puller to secure $2 million for the U.S. 1 Multimodal Transit Alternatives Analysis which recommended extending the Yellow Line to Hybla Valley and bus rapid transit to Woodbridge
  • Fought the expansion of predatory lending on U.S. 1
  • Repealed Virginia's wrong-headed $100 tax on hybrid vehicles with Senator Adam Ebbin
  • Expanded mental health services at Virginia's community colleges.
  • Led the fight to make texting while driving a primary offense
  • Passed legislation to allow parents to protect children from identity theft. 
The vacancy created by the decision of Senator Toddy Puller not to seek re-election is a huge loss for our part of Northern Virginia.  Over 23 years, Senator Puller was a relentless advocate for U.S. 1, education, veterans, and the less fortunate.

As reported by the Washington Post today, I am taking the steps necessary to succeed Senator Puller in the 36th District of the Virginia State Senate.

Southeastern Fairfax County, Southeastern Prince William County and Northern Stafford County all share U.S. 1 and have similar challenges.  Working together, we can:
  • Extend the Yellow Line and Blue Lines to Hybla Valley and Dumfries, and install bus rapid transit to Woodbridge to connect communites and create communities capable of sustaining our schools, growing elderly population and high quality of life.
  • Fund our schools, give our teachers competitive salaries and keeping college affordable.
  • Provide a computer to every public school student to prepare them for the 21st Century economy. 
  • Providing healthcare to the nearly 8,000 people in the 36th District who would benefit from the expansion of Virginia's Medicaid System.
  • Fight the scourge of predatory lending preying on U.S. 1's less fortunate.
  • Create real 21st Century economy by making solar power and energy efficient technology the fasting growing employers of Northern Virginia.
  • Focusing on jobs, infrastructure and high quality support for our veterans given our proximity to Fort Belvoir and Quantico.
My track record in both public and private life speaks for itself and I will fight to see these priorities implemented.

I also need your help.

Virginia Law prohibits me from fundraising during our session, but you can do two things.
First, you can sign my petition to show that you support my campaign for state senate and spread it around social media.

Second, you can sign up to volunteer on my campaign.

Click on both buttons below to act!


  1. I won't be supporting you until I see that you are serious about Prince William County. I don't think Toddy Puller even knew where Prince William was located and I don't see at this time why I should vote for her clone.

  2. I'm writing to thank Del. Surovell for his work in writing and passing HB 2015. The two most important provisions of that bill protect single moms and gun owners for over reaching by the Federal bankruptcy courts. It passed the House of Delegates unanimously and the Virginia Senate with only one voting No.

  3. Del. Surovell can definitely get things done. His energy and steadfastness getting hb2015 through both houses was remarkable. The 36th will be better for his election, as will the Senate.

  4. Thanks Del. Surovell for getting HB 2015 passed!

  5. Speical thanks to Del. Surovel for his tireless efforts to pass HB 2015. This important legislation will help countless hardworking Virginia families.

  6. Thanks for supporting HB 2015 that will assist thousands of Virginians retain basic assets when filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.