Saturday, February 28, 2015

Begging for Education Technology in Fairfax County

Ensuring every public school student has access to technology has been a goal of mine for the last three years. Electronic textbooks are here and the learning resources that are now online are critical resources for our children to access. 

Kids get it.  Watch this news story by Peggy Fox featuring my Janetzy Marisco where she lays it out. 

However, most school systems, including Fairfax County, have failed to prioritize funding technology purchases.  Obviously, some blame for this lies with a lack of state funding, but in jurisdictions like Fairfax County where the state only provides 20% of the school budget, waiting for the state to show up is not a plausible excuse.   

Several large Virginia jurisdictions are already purchasing computing devices for all of their students - Henrico, Albemarle, Arlington, Alexandria, and Chesterfield.  Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun Counties continue to lag behind.

Teachers are becoming increasingly desperate.  A constituent recently forwarded this email from a French teacher.
I have recently written a grant on for funding to buy iPod touches for my students to use in my classroom to do research, record their voices, Skype other French students, and many other activities that would improve their skills in the French language and in using technology. 
To read an explanation of my project and to donate, click the link below;  
Technology: An Engaging Journey Toward a Successful Future If you donate to my project in the next week (by March 2, 2015) and enter the code SPARK on the payment page, your donation be matched dollar for dollar (up to $100) thanks to   
If I reach my goal and the project is funded, all those who donate will receive photos of my students benefitting from the project and our heartfelt thanks.  Merci beaucoup! 
Mme. _____   
P.S. If you know anyone who may want to help my classroom, please pass this along! 
Please see the attached flyer for more information: DonorsChoose flyer.docx
One of the ten wealthiest counties in the United States resorting to self-funding to purchase iPod's.  Requiring computing devices for every public school student in the Commonwealth needs to be an education objective as soon as possible.

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