Sunday, February 15, 2015

February, 2015 Winter Storm Information

Weather Underground Forecast as of 10:20 p.m.
The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning, from 4 p.m. Monday February 16th to noon on February 17th for Northern Virginia. They expect the storm to dump 4 or more inches of snow and sleet on the Mount Vernon area. Snowfall is expected to begin on Monday afternoon and could become heavy at times.

I have cut and pasted an excerpt from the Weather Underground's forecast as of 10:20 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 15 on the right.  You can click on it to enlarge.

Although I am in Richmond for the General Assembly Session and we will remain in session during the storm, my staff will be available to deal with problems and I will continue to post updates about outages and other information as it is available. 

The following information should help you prepare for the storm:

Dominion Resources Power Outage Line

Dominion Resources Storm Cente

VDOT Street Problem Number

1 (800) FOR-ROAD

VDOT Real Time Plow Map
Real-Time Map of VDOT Plow Locations

Road crews are currently treating interstates and primary roads with salt brine or anti-icing chemicals. Crews will be working overnight and through the duration of the storm treating icy roads and plowing snow.

During the storm, please avoid driving on roads.  Automobile accidents account for about 70 percent of fatalities related to ice and snow.

Winter weather driving tips and other preparations:
  • Monitor your local news sources for the latest weather conditions
  • Prepare your car for winter driving conditions including having an emergency kit in your vehicle
  • Prepare your home for winter weather conditions in case of power outages
  • Before getting behind the wheel, call 511, go to or download the 511 mobile app to get the latest road condition information
  • You may also call 800-FOR-ROAD (800-637-7623) to report road hazards or ask road-related questions at VDOT's 24-hour Customer Service Center
  • When driving, give yourself extra time to reach your destination, leave plenty of driving room between you and the vehicle ahead and slow down
Road priorities and neighborhood snowplow tracker:
VDOT's goal is to have all state-maintained roads passable within 48 hours after a winter storm ends
Crews first begin clearing roads with the highest traffic volumes - interstates and primary roads - and then major secondary roads, followed by subdivision streets.

A statewide network of 77 weather sensors in roadways and bridges, plus 16 mobile video platforms, allows crews to quickly identify when and where road surfaces might be freezing.
VDOT has activated a web-based neighborhood tracking map that monitors the status of plowing in Northern Virginia neighborhoods if there is more than two inches of snow. It is available at VDOT will be testing the tracker concept in other parts of the state this year to determine which regions are best suited for the wireless technology required for the system.

Please visit for more winter travel information.
Other Resources
Emergencies, Reporting Outages & Traffic Issues:
Contact information for reporting utility outages and traffic problems follow:

Washington Gas

Police non-emergency numbers are:

Fairfax County:
Prince William County:
If you have any prolonged outages or if your street is blocked, feel free to contact my office at 571.249.4484 or email me at

Please prepare and be safe during the storm


  1. Re Medicaid and 4.4 million every day from federal funding.
    Just from where does the federal fund come?
    Ah, yes -- taxes on the country's citizens, the government printing press and debt.
    Great choices, Mr. Surovell. "Dixie Pig," aptly named.
    Government of the government, by the government and for the government, That includes you, rising elected-official-for- life.
    I do not know what all those profiles are so I must put "anonymous" though I am not.
    William F. Cavender, M.D.

  2. Thanks Bill. Actually, the Medicaid expansion was funded with a federal income tax increase on high income taxpayers - which are disproportionately located in Northern Virginia. Right now, those federal monies are going to other states instead of Virginia.

    Most (but not all) of my constituents would prefer that the money we pay the federal government come back to Virginia instead of paying for Medicaid expansions in New York, California and Ohio.