Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time to Consider Climate Change & Sea Level Rise in Mt. Vernon

The 44th District is one of three delegate seats in Fairfax County that has tidal wetlands. As the Deepwater Horizon spill is demonstrating, these important buffer zones serve important functions in stabilizing our ecology.

While we do not have barrier islands on the Potomac River, our tidal wetlands provide crucial habitat for all kinds of migratory bird species and breeding ground for acquatic life. They also provide a buffer between the River and the flood plain helping to absorb floods.

A few months ago, Fairfax County's Environmental Committee presented a projection to the Board of Supervisors regarding the areas of the County vulnerable to a five foot sea level rise. These included many portions of my district and significant acreage just north of my district that contains dwellings in New Alexandria. It also anticipates tidal wetlands being converted into open water. It also recommended that sea level rise considerations be incorporated into land use planning and future comprehensive plan drafts.

These are even reasons that climate change will have real impact right here in Mount Vernon. Some of these recommendations merit further discusson. Post up your comments.
Fairfax County Mt. Vernon Climate Change Presentation

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