Sunday, June 6, 2010

Voting Record for 2010 Session

The Clerk of the House of Delegates records all of our votes on an electronic voting system called Legis.

All of this data is fairly easy to reformat and present, but under our current rules it is only displayed on a bill by bill basis online. While it is easy to see votes on specific bills, it is difficult to see each delegate's entire voting history.

There is one site put together by Waldo Jaquith, Richmond Sunlight, that provides some analytical tools. For example, you can see my voting record for that site here.

Because of his Delegate Jim LeMunyon introduced a rule change to require the Clerk of the House to publish our voting histories online. All 20 freshman, Democrats and Republicans, cosponsored the bill, but it did not make it out of the House it passed the House, but was killed in Senate Committee [thanks to Del. LeMunyon for that correction!].

The Clerk gave each of us our voting history last week. I am committed to making my record as available as possible to anyone who wants it. My voting record is published below.

2010 Surovell Complete Voting Record


  1. Thank you so much for promoting your voting record, Del. Surovell. As you know, this is not a common practice among legislators. Your voting record is available for download on Richmond Sunlight, too.

  2. I stole the idea from Jim LeMunyon. He gets the credit.

    I am all about transparentcy and making information as available as possible. Thanks for all you do to help with that goal.

    I knew about your voting record - yours doesn't give the final vote count which is useful.

    I'd also like to see committee votes included in this report as well.

  3. Thanks, Scott. FYI, our bill was passed by the House 86-13, but not the Senate.

  4. Jim:

    Duly noted and corrected above. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Scott S.