Wednesday, June 16, 2010

U.S. 1 History: Remembering Beacon Field

This past General Assembly session, I was able to convince over 30 Democratic and Republican legislators to ask Governor McDonnell to designate all of U.S. 1 as "Historic Route 1." This kind of historic asset is exactly what makes Route 1 a unique asset in our community and marketing these kinds of sites along with Mount Vernon, Woodlawn Mansion and the Dogue Creek Distillery, Gunston Hall and Huntley Manor, the Outer Washington Civil War Defenses (in Belle Haven & Huntington) all create the possibility of more attention, commerce, and better quality development and jobs on U.S. 1.

When my grandparents first moved to Mount Vernon in 1941, there were two airports on U.S. 1- Hybla Valley Airport and Beacon Field.

Hybla Valley Airport was located between Lockheed Boulevard and Mount Vernon Plaza in Hybla Valley. When I was a kid, I walked on the runaways in the fields where South Meadows Condominiums now stand.

Beacon Field was located at the present site of Beacon Mall across the street from the inspiration for this blog - The Dixie Pig! One of my constituents, Harry Lehman, has done a terrific job with his website dedicated to Beacon Field. It is loaded with photgraphs, maps, and stories regarding the old airport on the hill formerly known as "City View."

If you have a minute, you should really take a look. It is fascinating stuff for anyone who has a love of our community and U.S. 1.

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