Thursday, February 3, 2011

Satisfying My Constituents' Needs

Last Tuesday, my wife and kids came and visited me at the Capitol. They saw their daddy in his office, and then observed us in action from the Gallery where I introduced them as "three constituents from Waynewood Elementary School, one constituent from my alma mater Tauxemont Preschool...." After that it was off to the Richmond Science Museum and they left me to make sausage with my colleagues.

Per my mother, my son, Colin (Age 4), had the following conversation with his preschool teacher, Mrs. Matthews ("MM") during "Sharing Time" today upon his return to Tauxemont Preschool.

Ms. Matthews: Colin, you went to Richmond?

Colin: Yes.

Ms. Matthews: What did you do in Richmond?

Colin: I went to Daddy’s office.

Ms. Matthews: Was it a big office?

Colin: Yes

Ms. Matthews: What did you do there?

Colin: I ate M&Ms.

Ms. Matthews: Did you eat one or two?

Colin: I ate a whole lot of M&Ms. Mara and Leia and Eva did too. They were good. I like M&Ms. Daddy has lots of M&Ms.

Ms. Matthews: What letter was on them?

Colin: M! Two Ms!

No one better ever accuse me of not appreciating my constituents' needs.

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