Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 Puller Institute Fellows

When I moved across the hall in the State Capitol from the House of Delegates to the Senate. One of the things, I was most proud to bring with me was my practice of bringing a group of high school students from my district to Richmond each session to learn how their state government works.

The Puller Institute, named for my predecessor in the 36th District, Toddy Puller, and the Amundson Institute that I had as a Delegate, have always been very successful.  The 2017 Puller Institute was no exception.

This year's Puller Institute Fellows were:
  • Jacob Raman (West Potomac HS)
  • Amanda Ghiloni (West Potomac HS)
  • Celia Lane (West Potomac HS)
  • Mark Weil (West Potomac HS)
  • Mary Peterson (West Potomac HS)
  • Malcom Johnson (Forest Park HS)
  • Ian Peverall (Mount Vernon HS)
  • Kiley Finnerin (Mountain View HS).
They toured the Capitol and the Governor's Mansion. They met with Gov. Terry McAuliffe and discussed his work before becoming Governor and why he decided to run for office.  They also met Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam to discuss his responsibilities as the Lieutenant Governor and his upcoming campaign.   In addition, they spoke with Sec. of Education Dietra Trent about the state of dducation in the Commonwealth and her plans for education over the next decade.  In between those meetings, they met with multiple members of the General Assembly, lobbyists and advocacy groups.

See pictures from their trip to Richmond here:

Additionally, they were introduced to the Senate of Virginia:

And were interviewed by Woody Evans on a special addition of VCTA's Cable Reports:

It was an honor to host these young women and men in Richmond. I am sure they will do the 36th District and the Commonwealth proud with their future successes.

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